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Energy grids across the globe are witnessing a fundamental shift in terms of their composition. High renewable penetration levels, DER technologies, energy storage in the mix, evolving market structures,  next generation technologies are all adding to the dynamic nature of the grids. Are you a current or prospective stakeholder in the energy domain that wants to stay in tune with what all this means for your corporate position? EE PLUS offers the right blend of technical, business, regulatory and economic expertise to assist with your needs.

Energizing the Next Generation Grid

Our Services

Combining end-to-end advisory services in the electric utility and energy development sectors with new age data analytics,
visualization, mining and AI capabilities.

About Company

EE PLUS is a niche strategic energy advisory firm specializing in all aspects of next generation grid, transmission and distribution infrastructure projects with a special focus on grid integration of renewable and emerging technologies. EE PLUS principals have over 40 years of experience in all facets of electric grid planning and operations including transmission planning, grid interconnection expertise, power system studies, energy market modeling and analysis, environmental/permitting services, early stage project development, project management, utility/ISO liaison, construction management and off-take analysis. EE PLUS has a specialized team comprising of market fundamentals., energy and power system experts that offer a one-stop shop for all engineering, permitting, technical, financial and project management services related to early stage development of renewable energy and/or transmission projects.

As part of EE PLUS focus on developing next generation energy system and energy market products and service offerings, EE PLUS is offering unique and state-of-the-art services around the application of data science, machine learning, predictive analytics and advanced data visualization to energy systems and energy markets.

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Client Testimonials

EE PLUS believes in  working as a collaborator with and as an extension of its Client’s team. Our Clients’ testimonials bear true testimony to our unique approach.