EEPLUS, Inc (“EEPLUS”) is pleased and proud to announce that it has formally been engaged by Argo Innovation Facilities (US), Inc. (“Argo”), a US subsidiary of UK-based Argo Blockchain PLC (LSE: ARB), to serve as owner’s engineer for the electrical design and grid interconnection of the 200 MW (with a potential expansion capability up to 800 MW) Helios project in the Panhandle, Texas. The proposed cryptocurrency mining facility, when completed, is expected to be one of the largest facilities in the U.S. and potentially across the globe. The facility will connect to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid with an expected Commercial Operation Date (COD) of 2022.

“EEPLUS has been an integral part of the original team that helped bring this unique concept to life – whether it be supporting the grid interconnection work, innovative design ideas on the electrical and/or Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) side or putting together an energy cost structure that truly makes this facility one of the lowest all-in power price mining facilities across the globe. We are thrilled to continue this exciting journey with EEPLUS and look forward to a fruitful and successful collaboration to bring the facility on-line with their unparalleled expertise in the ERCOT grid and market operations.”, said Justin Nolan, VP Business Development, Argo US.

“This engagement with Argo truly underlines the vision that Dr. Sahni and I set out to achieve with EEPLUS – being part of transformative next generation solutions. We are very excited to be part of this unique journey with Argo and look forward to delivering a one-of-a-kind facility”, said Sunil Talati, CEO EEPLUS. “There is a general tendency for innovation on the resource side of the electrical grid to make a lot of news, but what a lot of folks don’t realize is that there is some serious innovation and transformation happening on the consumer/load side of the grid. The proposed 200 MW mining facility truly represents a next generation load in terms of its end-use, its ability to leverage record low all-in power prices, its flexibility as a load to participate in demand response especially given the recent events and its utility as a load in the Panhandle region, all of which is a win-win for all concerned – we have a potential 200 MW load addition in a region that could do with some load and the load has access to unlimited renewable energy in the region”, added Dr. Sahni, Principal, EEPLUS.

The proposed 200 MW facility is intended to connect to the 345kV ERCOT system in the Panhandle. The facility has an executed and securitized Interconnection Agreement with the incumbent utility. Argo’s facilities will include a 345kV station which will connect to the utility 345kV station through a 345kV line and medium/low voltage electrical infrastructure which will serve as the distribution to the mining facility.

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