As you may have gathered by now, EE+ is committed to building a first in class advisory practice to address the challenges associated with the next generation grid and offer technically superior, innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers. As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite all of those related to the energy industry in any way, shape or form to tune into our blog.

We will be hoping to apprise our readers of the latest trends, developments and news in the energy industry through our blog posts. We will also be hoping to share the experiences, thoughts and opinions of our subject matter experts on the latest developments in the industry via these posts. EE+ experts working across various facets of the transmission, distribution, generation and energy market sectors will provide a unique insight into the emerging trends in all major ISO/RTO markets that we are actively working in.

We look forward to your continued readership and support. Stay tuned to this space for more!

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