As part of EEPLUS’ continuing endeavor to create a first-in-class advisory group for the next generation grid, the group has expanded its leadership by bringing Mark E Caskey on-board as an Advisor. Mark is a former C-suite executive and President with 35+ years of experience in the electrical utility engineering & operation field.  Previously, serving as VP of Operations and later as President of Sharyland Utilities; Mark led overall utility operations, maintenance and reliability, and provided technical evaluation/planning of new projects, construction planning and implementation of projects, while ensuring NERC & TRE compliance.  Mark directed Sharyland’s technical efforts to construct a portion of the ERCOT Competitive Renewable Energy Zone project, enabling the company to be awarded 4 collection stations and ~253 miles of 345 kV transmission lines; managed the purchase/successful integration of the Cap Rock Energy utility into Sharyland, enabling growth of its service territory; and directed efforts needed to expand capabilities to manage 20%/year growth of the Permian Basin energy needs.

EEPLUS CEO Sunil Talati is delighted to have Mark on-board to provide his leadership and guide the growing yet exciting talent pool at EEPLUS. “I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mark in various capacities over the last decade and I am pleased to see him lend his depth of experience and expertise to steer the growth of EEPLUS, as we build something truly unique once again”, said Sunil. Sunil went on to add, “I welcome Mark to the EEPLUS family and look forward to taking our wonderful working relationship to the next level”.   

Mark Caskey on his part was delighted to resume his working relationship with EEPLUS principals Sunil and Dr. Sahni. “I have worked closely with Sunil and Dr. Sahni during my time at Sharyland where we achieved a lot of ‘firsts’ in the field of renewable energy and grid integration. The vision of EEPLUS, as devised by Sunil and Dr. Sahni, suggests that more ‘path-breaking firsts’ are on the horizon in the energy and utility industry. I am excited to be part of this journey and look forward to contributing my experience towards the fulfillment of that vision.” said Caskey.

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